Specialised consultancy work on specific transactions

Augusta provides specialised consultancy services to its clients primarily geared to specific equity or debt financing issues, the assessment of commercial market strengths and the potential for growth through mergers and acquisitions or other corporate finance measures. In most cases such a consultancy mandate is the pre-cursor to a strategic sale mandate at a later date.

Our consultancy activities complement and extend the detailed technical and management consultancy services provided by well-established consultancy groups, with many of whom we cooperate closely to provide a complete picture of a market and its plausible points of entry.

We have recently conducted a detailed European country-by-country market analysis of independent onshore wind developers for a Far Eastern client, assessing the relative attractions of different markets, the strengths of selected players and providing a range of potential acquisition candidates.

We have also recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of the offshore wind installation vessel market, assessing the levels of profitability, supply and demand characteristics and trends, as well as leading market player evaluation for each individual segment of this specialised but growing market.