Vietnam offshore poised to unlock international investor interest

Favourable commercial environment set to make Vietnamese offshore wind market attractive for ‘first mover’ investors seeking to diversify Asian renewables portfolios

Ho Chi Minh City, 17th October – The domestic offshore wind market offers Vietnam a new opportunity to significantly increase inward investment into its renewable energy sector, according to Augusta & Co. (Augusta), the specialist financial advisor for the renewable energy industry. Continue reading

Augusta & Co. oversees sale of Finland’s largest wind energy project for Ilmatar

Specialist financial advisor manages sale of unsubsidised 211MW Piiparinmäki onshore wind farm by Ilmatar Energy to Glennmont Partners, negotiates 10-year Google PPA

October 2nd 2019 – Augusta & Co. (Augusta), a specialist financial adviser to the renewable energy industry, has successfully overseen the sale of the 211.4MW Piiparinmäki onshore wind farm project in central Finland. Augusta acted on behalf of Ilmatar Energy, a joint venture between Finnish developer Ilmatar Windpower and Capenergie 3, a fund managed by Omnes, the Paris-based infrastructure fund. Continue reading

Spanish Renewables Developers Are Missing Opportunities to Engage with International Investors

Specialist financial adviser warns that an insular approach will prevent renewables developers and IPPs in Spain from taking full advantage of growing appetite from overseas investors

Madrid, 18th September 2019 – Spanish renewable energy developers, asset owners and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) are missing out on opportunities to engage with international investors and maximise the value of their assets in the primary and secondary markets. This is according to Augusta & Co., a specialist financial adviser to the renewable energy industry, which has managed transactions to an aggregate value of over €10 billion throughout Europe. Continue reading

Los Promotores Españoles De Energías Renovables Están Perdiendo Oportunidades Para Captar Inversores Internacionales y Maximizar el Valor de sus Activos

Un asesor financiero especializado advierte que un enfoque restrictivo impedirá que los promotores de energías renovables y los productores independientes de electricidad en España aprovechen plenamente el creciente apetito de los inversores extranjeros.

Madrid, 18 de septiembre de 2019 – Los promotores españoles de energías renovables, los propietarios de activos y los productores independientes de electricidad (IPP por sus siglas en inglés) están desaprovechando oportunidades para contactar con los inversores internacionales y maximizar el valor de sus activos en los mercados primario y secundario. Esta afirmación la realiza Augusta & Co., un asesor financiero especializado en el sector de las energías renovables, que ha gestionado transacciones por un valor total de más de 10.000 millones de euros en toda Europa. Continue reading